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Many years ago when I was growing up, safety in the home was entirely different than it is today.   We felt perfectly safe, almost never locked our doors, and  parents rarely if ever thought about their kids and stranger danger.

I remember as a teen, I went to a club meeting once a week and walked quite a long distance to get home…in the dark.  My mother would meet me at the half way point to keep me company the rest of the way home.

Now with so much violence and crime shown repeatedly and graphically on TV and in print,  it’s horrible.  Safety measures must be taught to kids for their protection against abuse, violence, abduction and stranger danger.

Parents, here’s a list of quite a few measures you can teach your kids to prevent stranger danger:

First, it’s important to teach them stranger safety rather than stranger danger because it will help keep them from feeling anxious.It’s necessary for kids to realize that strangers don’t look like the bad guys on TV – they look like ordinary people.When coming home to an empty house after school, first thing to do is lock all the doors.Tell them to never open the door to a stranger.Teach your child how to dial “911? -  it could save a life.When alone at home and answering the phone, never say “My parents aren’t home.”  Instead have them say, “My parents can’t come to the phone right now.”  Then have them get the caller’s name and phone number.As a family make up a secret code word meaningful to your family in case a friend has to pick the child up in an emergency situation.Tell them if someone wants them to go with them in a car, even if they tell your child it’s a family emergency, have your child ask them for the code word.  Even if it’s a family friend, they’re not to go with them without the code.Have the kids tell the stranger he/she has to ask their parents first before doing what the stranger wants.  Then have them get away quickly and tell youDo not go near a car when a stranger calls for help, or wants to give them something like candy, or show them something like a puppy.  Keep walking and tell an adult.Teach them to learn the license plate number and tell you immediately.  Always take such reports from your kids seriously, and report them to the police.If on foot, have your child run, yell and find an adult he/she can trust.It’s safer to stay in a group rather than walk alone.Teach your child that if he/she feels scared or uncomfortable, follow their gut feelings, say NO and get away.  Tell an adult ASAP.Have them be aware if a stranger asks for help or wants them to keep a secret.For your child’s safety, install parental controls on your computers to protect them from dangerous predators.Warn children about the dangers of becoming friends with unknown strangers on the internet.

With all the news reports of graphic crime and home invasions that we hear of and see today, safety in the home is of prime importance and we must make our kids knowledgeable about stranger danger to keep them as safe as possible.  Awareness is the first defense for their protection.


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I hope you find the tips useful and as a result, help improve the health of your family and our planet.  Being involved in the health and wellness field over the past 28 years, I work to make a positive impact on the lives of my clients and their families in the area of wellness.  It is my goal to help make a difference for anyone who desires improved health.


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