Tuesday, December 14, 2010

electricity saving tips

Save on electric bills mean using power tools as necessary and turn it off when not needed. To have this habit must continue to be done. From now on try to get used to doing the things below to save on your electric bill:

    1. Get used to turn off lights when not in use. Also, turn off lights in empty space. For light outside the house, you can use the light sensor that can turn on and turn off the lights to detect sunlight.
    2. During the day, better use of sunlight into the house. No need to turn on the lights. Open up your curtains for sun light to enter.
    3. Turn off the television can not watch and unplug it. television and all electrical equipment that is still in standby mode will constantly use electricity.
    4. Use bersaklar socket adapter for your laptop or your cell phone charger. If you're not in use, simply turn off the switch to stop the flow of electricity. This is useful for those who are lazy to unplug the adapter or charger when finished use.
    5. Clean your light bulbs regularly. Dirty light bulbs often make light becomes dim. Rather than replace it with a watt bulb with a larger, try the occasional clean. Light bulbs that will return a maximum shine.
    6. Paint the house with bright colors will also help you save on lamp usage. Coloring house with a dark color like dark gray or dark blue will only give the impression of dark in the house, so you always feel the need to turn on the lights
    7. Maximize employment of households using electricity (such as ironing and washing with washing machine) in the daytime because at night the electricity tariff is more expensive.

Source: tipsrumah.com

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