Tuesday, December 21, 2010

genital care tips

1. After urinating or large Always try to wash the external genitalia with soap and water. For women, wash with water to the front to back and not vice versa. This is to prevent the entry of germs from the anus to the vagina. For men, enough to just clean up with clean water.
2. Cleanliness underwear Fitting in a day, minimal change underwear twice to maintain cleanliness. Also choose the underwear material which can easily absorb sweat, because if the fungus could not stick to the genitals. Avoid exchanging underwear with other people that even his own family, because everyone has different sexual conditions.
3. Using public toilets Wash before use (flushing), this is to prevent transmission if any other users are people with venereal disease. We recommend using water that comes out is always through the faucet or tissue and avoid the use of the tub / bucket, because according to research by the stagnant water in public toilets containing 70% fungus Candida albicans (the cause of vaginal discharge and itching of the vagina).
4. Caring for the hair that grows around the genitals Avoid cleaning the hair in the pubic area with pull out because of the way there will be holes in the former pubic hairs and become the entrance of bacteria, germs, and fungi. Furthermore, can cause irritation and skin diseases. Treatment is recommended for trimming hair with a shortened course, with scissors or shaved but not before using foam soap beforehand and use a special shaver is soft, and had been cleaned with soap and hot water. Keep in mind after using a store in a clean and dry, not in damp areas and do not use them interchangeably even by husband / wife.


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