Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tips on caring for the gas stove

one yangg household goods are often dirty because of pole day is always used
Almost every household now many use a gas stove. A variety of gas stoves on the market.

In order for gas stoves in our homes durable and long lasting treatment is needed, among others:

    1. Diligently to clean the stove hole where the fire exit. How to clean it can puncture a hole with a needle or with a brush that dirt is in the pit exit. Because these impurities that can cause fire blue to red.
    2. To clean a gas stove, if the stainless steel is cleaned with a dry cloth. If there is a long stick used food can be cleaned with a damp cloth were given soap. Once the stove is cleaned again with a dry cloth.
    3. So that gas does not leak, the hose is to channel gas from the tube into the stove pipe entry must be ensured as deep as possible using rubber hoses.

Source: www.lautanindonesia.com

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