Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tips for Overcoming Pain Ulcer With Avocado

Ever feel tummy sounds like a drum? If it was in a serious meeting, usually it will sound a loud voice. Hungry? It could be, but try to drum softly. If his voice was loud, you're exposed to bloating tuh.
What is bloating? bloating is trapped gas / air in excessive amounts in the digestive tract. Gas / air trapped bubbles formed small, numerous and difficult jumlahnmya issued. Bubbles of gas / air along the digestive tract and are especially numerous in the stomach.
The difference is the same heartburn, bloating is very different from regular heartburn. Heartburn is caused by excessive stomach acid that can cause irritation and / or injury dilambung, because it is the pain accompanied by heartburn / pain. While the usual bloating caused by a number of gas / air trapped in the digestive tract in the stomach.
Symptoms are similar to ordinary flatulence heartburn symptoms so many people who think suffering from heartburn symptoms when in fact it's just normal bloating, and bloating usually not excessive stomach acid so that in ordinary flatulence is not accompanied by a sense of sore / painful.
If you have been hit kembaung or ulcer, is simple enough. Just pesen avocado juice. Because the fibrous fruit that turned out to have properties that "extraordinary" for an ulcer. The content of calories, fats and oils high in it not just a source of abundant energy is needed at the time of fasting, but also reduces cholesterol levels and maintain the flexibility of the muscles of the joints.
Various benefits can be obtained from avocado, both fruit and leaves. The researchers from Shizuoka University, Japan. For example, discover the benefits of an avocado in reducing liver damage, including damage caused by viral hepatitis.
Avocados can be eaten by anyone and how just because the levels of saturated fatty acids in avocado fruit is low. Avocados are classified as fruit had higher levels of fat and high calories. Avocados contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and Vitamin D. The content of vitamin A. Most are
In fact, some media had to peel avocados usefulness as an ulcer drug. From some literature, how to make herbal medicine from avocado seeds are as follows.: 1. Rinse and avocado seeds by using boiled water; 2. Grated avocado seed; 3. Combine the 100 CC of boiled water with grated avocado seed earlier; 4. Strain;
There are rules to use avocado seed extract distillate is: 1. Heartburn is not severe, drinking juice avocado seeds 1 time a day; 2. Severe heartburn, drinking juice avocado seed 2 times a day, morning and afternoon, to recover. Well, you never have thought it?

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