Tuesday, December 14, 2010

take care of the house wall

wall is one part of the house yng dirty easily.
Caring for all types of material that is essentially the same wall frequently cleaned because the walls of a site where the dust-dust and sometimes in the corners of the wall into a spider's laba.Semua it can disturb the health of residents of the house and disturb the beauty of the house then at least once a week wall is cleaned by using Sulak and cobwebs cleaned using a broom panjang.Untuk wall of wood species is wiped with a dry cloth once a week for timber wall always looks clean & shiny.

The surface of the wall / new wall will usually be painted and at the time of the painting should really pay attention to the stages when preparing to paint the walls painted.

Before doing the painting, things to know about the condition of the wall, old or new because the process of painting on the wall tesebut both different.

Source: sejutatips.com

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